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Memorysoft is a leading business process and software services provider who serving multiple industries with key focus on the financial services industry. Memorysoft is a newly started as business process and service providing company operating from Bangalore (Bengaluru) the IT capital of India. Memorysoft has the Ability to service any industry vertical, but has focused on developing expertise in servicing the Title Insurance and related industries. It has process knowledge with technology expertise to deliver customized solutions to this industry.

At Memorysoft, employees are central to our success. We are committed to creating a work environment that is creative, intellectually stimulating, energetic, and team Focused. Our open communication promotes an easy exchange of views and information. Seniors and juniors share a good rapport and transparency, and the entire organization works together as a single, large team.

At Memorysoft, you will come face to face with a vault of opportunities, the key to which will be the various projects assigned to you. Your tasks will challenge your abilities and force you to break out of the mould, constantly pushing you to achieve more.


Performance is the only real indicator of a company's credentials. Provide Information Technology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships.

We believe in recruiting professionals through focused skill search in order to meet the specific needs of clients. Although we do maintain a structured database, the conventional model of sourcing may prove futile considering the fast movement of professionals in this field.

Profit is important to us. It enables us to achieve our mission and to contribute to the society. However, profit is not the only reason we are in business.

We aim at providing highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship, from initial contact to follow up support. Our technical expertise and experience are unparalleled in the industry. Recognizing a client's custom software development needs and consistently exceeding their expectations is what sets us apart from the rest. We therefore focus not only on developing and maintaining the products and services we offer, but also on building long term relationships.

The uniqueness of Memorysoft, which really sets us apart, is that we work with you and pay constant attention to your requirements. Our services, whether before or after sale, are the most promising you can find. Profit is important to us. It enables us to achieve our mission and to contribute to the society. However, profit is not the only reason we are in business.

Performance & quality is the only real indicator of a company's credentials. Provide Information Technology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships. We believe in building strong focused knowledge based and committed team of professional to meet all our above mission.

At Memorysoft, we firmly believe that our vision is the continuing driving force behind our growth. Our desire was, and still is, to build company that would outlast our lives with a strong inclination towards being driven by values. While defining our vision, we asked ourselves some fundamental questions:

•    What is core to the organization?

•    What is the purpose for which we exist?

•    How do we envision our future?

•    What goals do we set ourselves?

•    What are our dreams?

The answers to these questions would give us an idea about how we would respond to the rapidly changing environment of business. The process of answering these questions was neither quick nor painless, since we often had to come face to face with our deepest concerns. Ultimately however, we believe that we have been able to filter through the noise and settle on what truly defines Memorysoft as a software Company.

"We believe that we are in the business of transformation. Therefore at Memorysoft, we seek to transform peoples for the glory of God."

We understand our Customers' networking challenges. Our services provide comprehensive solutions to cover the complete network life cycle, from network Assessment, Designing and Strategising, through Deployment and on-going Management. We also offer a full range of innovative networking products and solutions designed to meet Customers' real-world business challenges. We offer our Customers unparalleled engineering know-how and experience.

We deliver advanced, on target network solutions and add value by setting industry benchmark for technical skills delivered by highly motivated employees through end-to-end managed LAN, WAN and Information Security services. We provide IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that maximize the availability and performance of business-critical IT services, while lowering operational costs. And lastly, we believe in partnerships and long term relationships. We believe in growing with our clients.


We strive to provide an environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition, removing obstacles that hinder creativity.

Ours is an energized atmosphere where we share successes while setting new standards of excellence.

Persistent truly believes in employee empowerment and our endeavor is to make the organization a ‘Second home', where every employee feels relaxed yet motivated to contribute and grow.

Our various internal feedback mechanisms give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion and comment. The feedback gathered is assessed and issues raised are addressed.

Our Team

Some of the best minds and talent are a part of our team. They comprise of management graduates, software engineers, programmers, business analysts, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers. Memorysoft is backed by a team of committed, experienced and qualified professionals. The team is the firm's biggest asset. Our strength is recognizing client needs and fostering an on-going relationship from initial contact to follow-up support. Keeping just the right balance of your industrial experience and our tech minds, our projects transform into long-term partnerships from day one. We would like to describe our people and our work place in simple terms, to describe, is a certain feeling of energy and vitality, of freshness, of a place where people are unafraid to voice new ideas, of a place where there is minimal hierarchy.

Our Memorysoft Team is a friendly bunch with a driving ambition to be the best in whatever they do. They are highly motivated with a zest for life that is reflected in all they do. Most of all, they make Memorysoft a fun place to work for themselves and for their colleagues. People management practices to create this environment, distinguish us among other technology companies, enabling our team members to excel and innovate.

Our investment in people and infrastructure to build a holistic learning framework demonstrates our commitment to continuous learning and building intellectual capital for our employees which are a mix of highly qualified professional intellectual lot. Our people serve the business needs of our domestic clientele. With the right mix of knowledge, experience and flexibility we provide solutions which make a difference to client's business.

When we take on your project, we take the stewardship of the project with you in the director’s seat. As stewards of your project, we consider ourselves successful not when we deliver your final product but when the product meets your business objectives.

At Memorysoft the completion of a project just marks the beginning of our responsibilities. Organizations seek to leverage BPO Solutions to optimize their business processes and implement best practices. They want their processes and systems to be flexible scalable and drive results for the business.

At Memorysoft we help our clients succeed. Our aim is to be in sync with the preferred engagement models of our clients and utilize our global talent pool to exceed their expectations. Keeping it simple to clearly understand our client's needs, provide the most effective Solutions, and celebrate success.

The values that drive us are based on integrity and honesty in all our dealings with all customers. To grow and provide value consistently is the underlying driver

Customer Delight: We exist because of and for our customer. Our objective is to surpass customer expectations consistently.

Fair and Transparent: To be fair, transparent and ethical in all our transactions.

Pursue Excellence: To strive to grow and evolve constantly to become better.

Integrity: Honesty in how we deal with our clients, each other and with the world.

Service: Seek to empower and enable our clients. Consider ourselves successful not when we deliver our client’s final product but when the product is launched and meets success.

Kindness: Go the extra mile. Speak the truth with grace. Deliver more than is expected or promised.

Competence: Benchmark with the best in the business. Try new and better things. Never rest on laurels. Move out of comfort zones. Keep suggesting new things. Seek to know more.

Growth: Success is a journey, not a destination. Seek to multiply/increase what we have - wealth, skills, influence, and our client’s business.

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Raghu Tumkur
Date: Aug 11, 2012

Hi. I Wish you all the members of MEMORYSOFT team a grand success.